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Backflow and Flow Meter Specialist for Pueblo, Colorado and surrounding areas.

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About Us

At Stratman Backflow, we strive to make your life easier and less stressful when the Water Department requires testing of your backflow prevention assemblies. Our clients have expressed their desire for quality service at a reasonable price from a reputable company. We have served Southern Colorado since 1997, first providing Flow Meter Testing and upon request of our customers, expanded into the area of Backflow Prevention. Stratman Backflow has a strong family history, dating back to Trent Stratman's father Wes. We are confident you will be pleased with our services and would like to say thank you for your business.

More About Backflow

Since 1997 Stratman Backflow has served Southern Colorado with superior service at competitive prices. We are committed to building customer relationships with value and integrity." - Trent Stratman, Owner and Operator

Backflow Testing

Backflow assemblies must be field tested at least once a year to ensure they are working properly. Field testing must be performed by a certified backflow tester, using an approved and properly calibrated test gauge.

Backflow Repairs

A backflow test tells us if backflow is operating properly. It doesn't tell us specifically the cause of the failure. To learn the cause (or causes) of the failure, we have to open the assembly and trouble-shoot. Sometimes the problems are obvious, sometimes they are not.


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