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Flow Meter Testing

Stratman Backflow is certified by the Colorado Division of Water Resources to provide 3.1 Flow Meter Testing and 3.2 Power Consumption Coefficient Testing throughout Division 2.

The  Colorado Division of Water Resources requires 3.1 Flow Meters to be tested every 4 years or upon repair or replacement of the meter.  The 3.2 Power Consumption Coefficient must be tested every 2 years.

3.1 Flow Meter Testing

Services include sales, installation and repair of McCrometer flow meters.  McCrometer flow meters are the most popular meters found on irrigation systems because they allow sand, rust and debris through the meter, prolonging the life of your meter.  We strive to keep meters up to 2 inch on hand and work with multiple suppliers to keep costs down.  Testing time averages an hour and the cost of testing begins at $130.

3.2 Power Consumption Coefficient Testing

Testing assures that you are getting the water you pay for and that you are not over pumping.  Testing time averages an hour and the cost of testing begins at $130.


Download 3.1 Test Form

Download 3.2 Test Form


Areas Served

Division 2 administers the Arkansas River Basin in Southeast Colorado.  Counties include:

El Paso County

Pueblo County

Custer County

Huerfano County

Otero County

Lake County

Las Animas County

Teller County

Bent County

Prowers County

Chaffee County

Baca County

Fremont County

Kiowa County

Cheyenne County

Lincoln County

Elbert County

Park County